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These areas of law are intrinsically linked to each other and real estate.  With estate planning, one can avoid probate and future real estate issues.  Without it, an experienced attorney is mandatory to navigate the ins and outs of probate court. Cadilac law has been serving the Dallas area for over three years practicing in Dallas probate courts; 

we know the court

we know the process

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knowledge is power.  That’s why Cadilac law offers monthly seminars open to the public.  Topics include estate planning, aging in Texas, property tax protests, and real estate title. 

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There are two types of POA (Power of Attorney)  in Texas: Durable and medical.  Medical POAs allow your chosen representative to make medical decisions on your behalf.  Durable POAs allows your representative to continue your business as usual; accessing your checking accounts and managing your bills, etc. in an instance where you cannot.  We offer both at a reasonable price well within anyone’s budget.


 A will (and) or trust can help protect your assets and let people know who to distribute them to upon your death.  We offer both, making them affordable so that the general public can have access to the type of legal resources usually limited to only the rich.

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  • Probates, muniment of title, small estate & affidavit of heirship, each one of these is a tool that can be used to settle an estate in Texas.  At our seminars in and our paid consultations we discuss these in depth with you.  Muniment of title is for those who pass with a will and no debt.  It’s an abbreviated court action that takes very little on the end of the executor.  Because muniment allows for an easier path in court it costs substantially less than probate.  A small estate affidavit can be used for someone who has assets less than $50K (not including homestead property).  It’s quickly resolved through the court, much like muniment of title and therefore costs substantially less than probate.  An affidavit of heirship can settle real estate assets in limited circumstances.  Its an easy document that requires recording. Probate is required when there is estate debt (credit cards, mortgage, student loans, etc.), and when there is a dispute about an estate.  Cadilac law is well versed in estate settlement through any of these means.